Samsung ANC Type-C Earphones, Microphone, Black



Слушалки, Samsung ANC Type-C Earphones, Microphone, Black

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Предназначен за Смартфони
Тип In-ear
Тип на свързване Wired
Конектор USB Type-C plug
Микрофон yes
Шумопотискане Incredible noise-cancelling performance lets you listen safely, while the USB Type-C plug distinctly divides sounds between the left and right earbuds, so stereo audio is truly stereo
Контрол на звука 2 buttons for Volume Up(REW), Down(FF), 1 button for Play(Pause, Call), 1 Push key(ANC)
Честотен обхват, Hz 20~20kHz
Чувствителност, dB 109dB(-10dBFS input)
Импеданс, Ohm 32 Ohm
Цвят Black
Други Listen to the music, not the noise; Just plug in and play; Created for comfort- Included are multiple eartip and wingtip options so you can choose the best fit, Ear Tips (S/M/L), Ear Wing Tips (S/M/L),Leaflet